Short Shorts

In film it's the little things that count. Capturing that ephemeral moment of genuine surprise, placing a vase in frame that perfectly complements the color scheme of the room or becomes relevant to the story later on, finding the camera angle that transforms a mundane picture into a cinematic one. There is no way around testing things out on set, trying it one way, failing and finding a different solution. That's part of the thrill of filmmaking. But there are certain things that just have to be done a certain way - to know what those are takes practice. This series of short films and snippets (we call them studies) is a result of that practice.   

Fugue State

After having made two rather dialogue heavy short films with little room for action, we wanted to find out how to film a chase. Granted, it's not a car chase (yet!), but it is definitely faster paced than anything KW films has done before.


Something in Swiss German for a change. And a very dark subject matter - viewer discretion is advised.


Short little study filmed with an anamorphic lens. Again: viewer discretion is advised.