Teaser Trailer "Stand Clear of the Closing Doors"

Stand Clear Of The Closing Doors (short, CH 2016, 28 min., Edf)


  • Katherine Wuscher as Jane Cooper
  • J. David Hinze as Bob Carlton
  • Carole Augustus as Ms. Parker
  • Eleanor Buechler as Madeleine
  • Jeroen Engelsman as Marcus
  • Madeline Del Real as Ella
  • Edward Atkinson as Guidance Counselor
  • Jason Hegetschweiler as Thrid Year Student
  • Grace Hughes as Carole
  • Lionel Podarski as Michael
  • Daniela Bolliger as Theresa
  • Jeff Wilson as Bailiff
  • extras: Suzan Wilson, Martin Bruderer, Maya Gnädinger, Martin Gnädinger, Alicia Fleisch, Jan Fleisch, Silja Scheuring, Pat Naef, Simone Wüscher


Between the poles of dreams and talents, there are guidance counsellors, drama teachers and lawyers trying to pave the way – when suddenly, without warning, a door slams shut. Which impulses do you follow? Which decisions do you make? And how will you react when a decision is taken out of your hands?


  • dop / editor - Andreas Schenker
  • writer / director - Katherine Wuscher
  • 1st AC / focus puller - Yannik Costa
  • sound operator - Matthias Gerber
  • grip - Thomas Hochstrasser
  • make-up artist - Silja Scheuring
  • production assistant - Suzan Wilson
  • catering - Simone Wüscher

Music by Chrigel Bosshard

Associate producers: Martin Bruderer, Edward Atkinson, Simone Wüscher, Beatrice und Eduard Joos, Marianne und Walter Hottinger, Daisy Sigerist


"Stand Clear of the Closing Doors", Short, CH 2016

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