Blu-ray Disc of "Terrors"

It's here! In time for Christmas we produced a limited edition Blu-ray disc of our second short film "Terrors". Some of you have already pre-ordered it. To those I will either send it out or hand-deliver it shortly.

If you haven't pre-ordered and would like to purchase it, you can do so by sending me an email with your order and your shipping address. One disc is CHF 20.-, if you buy two or more it's CHF 15.- a piece. Get them while stocks last!

Happy Holidays!

Premiere of "Terrors"

KW films' second short film "Terrors" was premiered at kult.kino atelier on Sunday August 27th and it got a warm reception from the invited guests. Cast, Crew and Crowdfunding-supporters all came together to see the finished film on the big screen and hear some behind the scenes anecdotes from writer/director Katherine Wuscher.


The crowd listened attentively to Katherine Wuscher who shared her thought process that led to this film and talked about the work that went into making it.


It has been months since "Terrors" was filmed, so the extras had a lot to catch up on.


KW films and frame 8 thank everyone who came to the premiere! Seeing your own film on the big screen for the first time is a magical moment - it was wonderful sharing this moment with all of you. You can tell, by the huge smile on our faces...


Official announcement..!

I am pleased to officially announce the date of the premiere of KW films' second short film!

"Terrors" will be premiered on Sunday, August 27th 2017 at kult.kino atelier in Basel, Switzerland. Cast and Crew are of course going to be invited and there will be a few select tickets given out for free, but if you want to get yourself a ticked in advance you can do so here.

We are very much looking forward to sharing our film with the world!

We need you..!

You are interested in KW films' projects - particularly in our newest short film "Terrors" and you have a few bucks to spare? Would you maybe consider helping us out? You don't have to break the bank - all we need is a crowd. If you could donate CHF 5 and send the link on to 5 of your friends, you would help us tremendously!

But first, take your time to watch the behind-the-scenes video and check out the rewards we've put together for you. Here is the link:

Thank you very much for your interest and your help!!


Phew..! It's been a very hectic couple of weeks organizing everything for the shoot but now (fingers crossed) it seems that everything is taken care of and my crew and I are excited to get started! It's the calm before the storm and we hope it'll all work out next week.

Wish us luck!

And stay tuned for the behind the scenes pictures...

Extras wanted!

KW films' next production will only feature six speaking roles but at least three times as many extras, so we need every single one of you!

As an extra you will spend the whole day on set with the crew and the actors - you will experience first hand how a film is made. There will be compensation in the form of food and drink on the day and a little KW films gift to take home with you.

Are you interested? Do you know someone who might be interested? Check here or email for details.


While the DVD of "Stand Clear of the Closing Doors" is about to be completed, the next project is already coming along. I've had a very productive meeting today with my new director of photography. The next points of order will be to put together a set crew, draw storyboards, scout for locations, cast actors, work out the budget etc. There is a lot of work to do and our designated shooting dates are fast approaching. But be that as it may, this phase of a project is probably the most exciting - nothing is set in stone yet, ideas run wild, inspiration comes from the unlikeliest of places and the sky (or maybe the budget ceiling) is the limit.

For updates on this new KW films production click here or follow KW films on Facebook and Instagram.

While the script is enough for the movie to unfold in our minds, the exciting and difficult task of putting it into action has only just begun.

While the script is enough for the movie to unfold in our minds, the exciting and difficult task of putting it into action has only just begun.

Showing of "Stand Clear of the Closing Doors"

If you haven't seen "Stand Clear of the Closing Doors" yet or if you've been dying to see it again, now is your chance!

On Wednesday, August 10th at 6:30 pm at kult.kino atelier (Theaterstrasse 7, Basel).

Admission: CHF 5.- (or free admission, if you are a crowdfunding supporter who was promised a screening and didn't get to come to the premiere).

Don't miss it!!!



"Stand Clear of the Closing Doors" has been entered into 7 more festivals. I'm keeping my fingers crossed! But since some of those festivals won't get back to me until the end of the year, I'll need loads of patience. The best way to tide me over until then will be to throw myself into the next project. So stay tuned...

Lots of News!

The long awaited premiere of "Stand Clear of the Closing Doors" was on May 8th, as planned, and it was a wonderful event! Approximately 80 guests joined me on this sunny day in Basel to watch the film for the first time on a big screen. Many thanks to everyone who came - I enjoyed this day very much! And also a big thanks to the people at kult.kino who ensured a smooth screening and organized a wonderful reception afterwards. 



Now that the film has had a successful inaugural run, we move on to another highlight - Andreas Schenker (the talented cameraman and editor of my film) and I are travelling to Cannes next week, where "Stand Clear of the Closing Doors" is featured at the Short Film Corner. This is certaily a great networking opportunity but more importantly it is a dream come true to be at the famous croisette at the biggest film festival in the world amidst all the stars and having my own film shown somewhere at the festival (even if only on a small screen). I'm nervous and excited!


Last but not least, I've had the opportunity to give my first interview. On May 14th Swiss radio station SRF 1 aired a short interview with me in their segment "Blickwechsel". It was surreal to hear myself on national radio and I still can't believe that my little film project was interesting enough to be given such a platform. None the less, I am stoked, of course!

The next steps will be producing the DVD of the film and entering the film into other festivals. I'm curious to see, what lies ahead...

Save the Date.

It is time for the big unveiling. I know that people have been waiting eagerly to finally see what I've been working on for the past months (almost two years actually) and I'm glad to finally be able to reward that patience.

If all goes well, the Swiss premiere of "Stand Clear of the Closing Doors" will be on May 8th 2016. There is still a lot to organize, so I can't disclose any details yet, but I will inform in due time. Stay tuned!

Yes, we Cannes!

KW films' first production "Stand Clear of the Closing Doors" is close to completion. The idea has always been to submit the finished film to festivals - not only in Switzerland, but also in other European countries and the United States. After we started post-production at the end of 2015 I started looking into the possibilities for festival entries in spring 2016. While modesty may be the policy in my personal life, it certainly isn't when it comes to film making. So seeing as we might be able to reach the deadline for Cannes Short Film Corner 2016 there was no doubt in my mind that this would have to be the first festival to submit the film to. Now my team and I are working hard to meet that deadline. We are cutting it very close, though, so keep your fingers crossed!